Monday, July 30, 2012

Are you serious!?!?!?

 Do you remember what was supposed to take place this morning?  Yes, my interview.  But I wouldn't really call it an interview.  It was more of a "Oh hi Stephanie!  I remember you now." (some chatter about my work history)  The Principal calls and interrupts our thing you know, I'm filling out some preliminary paperwork.

Yes, I said paperwork!  I am going to be teaching 6th grade math this fall!!!!  I am beyond stoked to be teaching, muchless be teaching a subject I enjoy and feel confident in.  Now I just need to start getting details on training, my classroom, teaching materials and lesson planning.  I have one huge weight off my shoulders, but new ones being added on.  I will take the new weights thankfully. :)



Hootin Around the Classroom