Thursday, July 26, 2012

Talk about ups and downs..

This is a bit of a long one, so settle in with your fav drink and read up.  Yesterday was one of the most frustrating afternoons I have had in a long time.  The Mr. and I had scheduled to drive out to his parents for dinner since we haven't spent much time with them lately.  Had I known taking his car was going to lead to a whole chain of events we would have taken my car.

About ten minutes into the drive his AC started blowing hot air.  So we automatically start discussing what we think went wrong (he works on cars for a living) and how much it might cost us.  We roll down the windows and continue on our journey.  Until the Mr. makes an exclamation and immediately pulls over on the left side of a very busy freeway.  Apparently the engine was overheating and he noticed his temperature gauge on the dash.  I really don't like being on the side of a highway...much less the left side and during somewhat rush hour traffic. After contacting his parents, I got out of the car with our dog and stood on the other side of the cables in the median, just in case.  We were there for a good 15-20 minutes before someone one the opposite flow of traffic pulled over to check on us.  Thankfully, this man went and made a U-turn and pulled us off the freeway with a chain he had in the back of his van.  I am ever so appreciative of him!!

Long story short, it was the thermostat that was the whole issue.  It closed up and kept the coolant from flushing through the engine block and it over heated...he took it out, hooked up the hose and we finished our drive to his parents.  His dad went to Auto Zone and got the new thermostat and he got it all fixed.  So thankful I have a man who knows what he is doing, and can fix things like this.  That's a good reason as to why I love him!

Ok, so enough of the downer news of last nights events, on to the good stuff!!!  I don't know if I have said what I am doing this summer and what all I have been doing to start my teaching career, so here it goes!

I am currently working a summer camp with kids going into the 3rd through 6th grades.  We do 2-3 field trips a week, have weekly themes and do activities based on those themes.  This is in the midst of searching for a full-time teaching position for the 2012-2013 school year.  So far I have interviewed for a K/3rd position at one campus, 5th grade, Kindergarten, another intermediate position (4th/5th), and a sub position with the district I student taught in.  I have heard from all but the Kindergarten and sub interviews that I had two weeks ago.

The one I had really hoped for was the 5th grade position.  I felt comfortable during my interview and even met with the assistant superintendent two days it was heartbreaking to be told I was a top candidate, but that it had been offered to someone else.

Well about a month later, who do a I get a phone call and e-mail from?  That same district!!  The principal contacted me because they just had a 6th grade math position open up and she wants me to be considered for it!  I was jumping up and down!  My kids thought I had jumped off the deep end.  :)  My kids are so supportive of my search that they are always asking me if I heard back from the districts or gotten a job yet.  It warms my heart that they check on me.  So the Principal has me meeting with the Asst. Super again to refresh her memory of me and so I can *hopefully* make another good impression on her.  I meet with her Monday morning, so another "fingers crossed" weekend!!

Now that I have written a novel I have questions for all you veteran teachers...considering I've met with the Asst. Super once and have pretty good general knowledge of the district and what they offer teachers, what questions should I have ready to ask her??  Any advice would be lovely!!

Have a fantastic night.  Olympics 2012 starts tomorrow!!


  1. I can totally relate you your vehicle adventure! We happened to run out of gas last week...yikes!

    I nominated you for an award! Swing by my blog to pick it up!

    Craft of Teaching

  2. The first question I asked in my interviews was "What is this school's greatest strength?"... most interview groups found it thoughtful and challenging. Thought I'd share! :o)
    ~ Jane @


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