Saturday, August 4, 2012

Working out the kinks

This whole week has felt like a blur and a dream.  Even though I have told myself throughout my whole student teaching experience that I would find a job after graduation, I still had my doubts.  But I DID get a job, and the dream-like feelings finally became reality when I started receiving e-mails from my principal regarding upcoming dates.  I finally somewhat have a timeline as to what is going to take place these next few weeks before the start of school.  I don't know exact details, those will come, but I at least know an idea.

I am getting to see my room next week.  Wednesday is my last day with my summer campers, so Thursday I will go take a peep at my first one EVER!  Today I found out that Friday I will be going to a conference about CSCOPE, which will be very beneficial for me.  I will get to start working on my room on Monday the 13th.  New teacher orientation/training starts that Wednesday.  Then I have that next week for staff development. 

 My brain is definitely running a mile a minute trying to think of ideas regarding what to implement in my classroom and how to make it all work together...But in the mean time I am busy creating and crafting!  I will have those fun projects posted on Monday for the linky party!

Time to rest up for tomorrow's soccer games!



  1. Getting ready to start the school year is a busy, busy time of year! There's so much to do and time will fly by.

    Do you have any experience with cscope? There are some good ideas but be forewarned - you CAN'T do it all. Just thought I'd let you know so you don't kill yourself trying to get it all in.

    Hooty's Homeroom

    1. I do not have experience with CSCOPE, however I did learn during student teaching that I have to choose what to teach based on the needs of my kids. Especially with language arts when I was with my firsties. Thankfully I am only going to be teaching math so I will be able to focus on those particular needs. :)

  2. The first year is soooo exciting and nerve wracking but you will get it done. And don't sweat the small stuff. No one will know but you. :) good luck!



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