Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Room Sneak Peak!

Alright, so the past three days have been almost complete chaos for me!

Monday I was able to get in to my room, put the fabric and ribbon borders on my two bulletin boards and start getting an idea of how I might set up my room.  I didn't start sorting through anything because the previous teacher hadn't moved out yet, so she came in that afternoon to do so.  Plus I couldn't move furniture by myself without scratching the newly waxed floors and I was told NOT to do that....

Yesterday my mom and I go in there at 9am and left a little before 6.  We pulled everything out of the cabinets and drawers and started sorting through it all and condensing it.  We grouped things that were the same but had been found in multiple places (ie. masking tape...I have 19 rolls of it....who needs nineteen rolls of masking tape??).  I also got an idea of what math manipulatives I have.

Today I had my first day of new teacher training.  There are around 25 new teachers to this 3A district, and 7 of them are for my school, including me.  I got a $50 gift certificate to a local teacher store and our mentors took us shopping after lunch.  Since I already stocked up on school supplies, I was able to get my basic white calendar and LOTS of math posters.  I also got manilla envelopes that will go in the back of the students math notebooks to hold loose items like fraction strips. 

I do have before and current pictures of my room.  **BEWARE**  The room is nowhere close to being done.  I will explain what my ideas are once you get into the current pictures.

My room as I found it:
View from the door to the right as you walk in.

Left side of the room from the door view.

From the back corner: one chalk board and bulletin board.  Can you tell we bleed orange?

From the corner of the room.  See my lovely Promethean board?  I also have a small white board on the left wall that you can't see.  It's double sided with a grid on one side.

Most of the stuff on the book cart and counter belong to the previous math teacher...

 Now for the CURRENT pictures:  Please excuse the messes you will see as it is still a work in progress..

Desk set up: groups of 4.  I didn't like the row seating because it took up too much space.

My bookshelf, computer and desk area.  The teacher table is behind my desk by the door (which holds AC/heater equipment).

I added ribbon to the border of my window. :)

If you scroll back up and look at the before pics of my desk, you will notice that one side is cream and the other is blue.  Since I have already spent a small fortune on fabric I used butcher paper to cover the mismatched colors.  Ironically I still have to cover the OTHER side.  That's my first project when I get in my room tomorrow.

This is probably the most organized and neat area thus far.  The left "locker crate" hosts my class set of white boards.  The green one has construction paper, which I will actually use file folders to sort by color.  Thankfully my mom organized what was in my room so I will only have to add the new stuff when the students come in.  But that crate will sit normally once that is done. The other two crates host notebook and graphing paper.  That lovely machine to the right grades tests and prints for me.  I don't have to share with the other teachers!! :)

These are the foam panels I covered in fabric.  I covered four sections.  Once I know what I want on my walls I will hang these up to make them my word wall.  Since I only have two bulletin boards I created my own.  I haven't added my letters on them yet.

Bulletin board #1.  This is on the wall by my door and Promethean board, so it will host my calendar that still needs to be laminated.

Bulletin board #2: This is the one by the heater door and behind the teacher table.  I am thinking it will host posters but I'm not 100% sure.  The chalk board beside it will host classroom management posters that all the teachers make.  I start making mine tomorrow during training.  I think there are 5 posters total by the end of the year. 
Please let me know what you think so far!  I have a loooooong to do list still, but I will happily accept any input from you veteran teachers!


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