Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Made It!

As promise, here is a picture of my teacher toolbox!

I bought it at Lowes of course, but it was a metallic blue color.  And as pretty as I thought the blue was it just didn't match my color theme I had figured out in my head!  So I the Mr. spray painted it for me (such a wonderful person!) and I found scrapbook paper that I really liked.  I made my labels in Publisher, making boxes with the dimensions of my drawers and printed that on vellum paper.  I taped the vellum down on the scrapbook paper and taped it in my drawers.  I love how it turned out!  Now I just need to find a safe place for it in my new classroom...

Here are my calendar headers!  Since this picture I have cut out the shadows of most of these and placed them behind the months.  The shadow is white cardstock.  Then I will mount it on a brown rounded-square and laminate them.  I chose to do the square behind them so that I wouldn't have to cut out around all the curves once they were laminated, and I am hoping it will make them more durable!

Here are my word wall letters!  Notice the white shadow?  That's what will happen with my calendar headers.  After this post I will be watching the rest of the Cowboys v. Raiders game and cut all my stuff out!

Today I got my bulletin boards decorated with fabric and ribbon, but they are still blank...I still have no idea what to put on them.  ugh.  But here are the two bulletin boards I've done. 

My wonderful mommy is going with me tomorrow to help me sort through all of the math manipulatives and resources left behind by the previous teacher.  The teacher was up there today moving the rest of her stuff now that her new room is available.  She is super sweet and I will definitely be going down the hall alot to her, my teacher lead/mentor, and my fellow 6th grade math teacher.  I am SOOO excited about all the support they are giving me and how positive everyone is!  Tomorrow *fingers crossed* I will post before/after pictures of what my room is like.  I did remember to take before pictures this morning so after I get some more stuff done I will post the after pics.

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  1. Your toolbox looks great! And I love your months...they look awesome!

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