Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School Jitters

Here is a quick post.  I discovered A Turn to Learn and she is having a linky party about the back to school jitters!  After spending all day in my room with my mom I am feeling more confident in how my room will look and now just need to get the lesson planning ball rolling!  Here is my link and go on over and share your jitters!

Go link up!

A Turn To Learn



  1. Oh Stephanie! All you can do is your best. After all I know now, I feel so sorry for my first group of kiddos. But I did MY Best at the time.
    Enjoy your year!


  2. Have a great first year!! It's such an adventure. You will always remember your first year and those little kiddos that you taught. I wish you the best!
    The Hive

  3. Welcome to blogging, congrats on your first year! Love your thing to remember... it won't be perfect but you just have to try your best!

    Thanks for linking up!

    A Turn to Learn

  4. Wahoo! Welcome to teaching; let the roller coaster begin! Have a great school year! I'm new to teacher blogging, stop by and say hi! :) http://bloomingin1st.blogspot.com


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