Sunday, September 16, 2012

Paper Organization Linky Party

As I am sitting here grading my mountain stack of papers, I am wondering how in the world does each teacher deal with having so much paper?!?  I thought I would try my first linky and hope that I get some paticipation. *fingers crossed*  Hopefully I'm not going to be lonely in this...

Here is how I have started handling papers so far this year.  As some of you know, I teach math and I have four classes I see each day, totaling around 100 students.  I decided to "color-code" each of my classes.

1st Block - Purple (my homeroom gets my fav color, of course!)
2nd Block - Orange
3rd Block - Blue
4th Block - Pink

I found a way to coordinate those colors with my love for owls.  To help me, and the students, know which composition belongs to math, I used my cricut to cut out owls in those colors.  I only did the backing part so it was a solid cutout.  I had the students write their names on them and then taped them to their notebooks.

I have duct tape in those colors that I placed on the drawers where students turn in assignments, and on the crates that have files for each class which is where I return their graded work.

When I take assignments out of my drawers, I use a color binder clip that coordinates with their class.  Office Depot has a whole sections of colored paper clips, binder clips, rubber bands and magnets.  Once the assignments are graded and recorded, I or a student files them in the file folders for that class.

I would love to hear what other teachers are doing to keep track of the million pieces of paper we get so that maybe I can refine my methods and keep myself from going completely insane!

And if you need help, then post what you currently do and hopefully a follower will have some suggestions that will help you get the ball rolling!  Let's help each other out to get a grip on this paper!

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  1. Sounds like you have it worked out way better than me & I'm in my 9th year. I always have a ton of paper in my classroom. I hate it. Since I have 3 Reading Classes, I do classes by colors as well Pink/Blue/Green. I have large (big enough to hold construction paper) stacking bins right by the door and they know their color.

    1. So how do you keep up with each assignment and who has/hasn't turned it in?

      Ms. W

  2. Great linky idea. I'll be linking up this week.

    Surfing to Success

  3. Saw your comment from the ms sunday funday... I am determined to get control of this paper thing. Thanks for this post. Can't wait to check back and see what people do, I need help!

    Your newest follower
    Hodges Herald

  4. I found your blog through the Texas Teachers blog list. I've nominated you for a Liebster award. Visit my blog for details!


  5. Oh man! I missed out on this linky :( Well, I definitely got some good ideas from your link up!
    Great ideas!

    Learning In Wonderland

  6. Hi, I am currently student teaching. I begin my second rotation with 6th graders on Monday and I have to admit I am a little nervous. Do you have any ideas about behavior management? With the younger student I always passed out gold coins then students would earn a reward, such as pencil or sticker but with 6th graders I feel I may have to step up my game. I would greatly appreciate any ideas.


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