Saturday, September 1, 2012

I survived!

I have officially survived my first week of teaching my sixth graders!  My feet are killing me, my head and voice hurt, and I worked super hard.  I don't have everything done 100% that I would like to have done, but I have been accomplishing a lot.  Anyways, I wanted to share some of the things I did with my classroom that I didn't show you, so here we go!

 Our school uses two management: SWARM and CHAMPS.  S:self-discipline, w: wise choices, a: accountability, r: ready, and m: motivated.  C: conversation, H: help, A: activity, M: movement, P: participation, S: success.  So with those management themes we have different voice levels that the students can use in common areas (hallways, bathroom, gym, dismissal, recess) and within the classroom with each type of activity (independent, partner, group).  If I remember to take a picture of my CHAMPS poster I will post it so maybe it will help you understand.
 I absolutely love my cricut machine!  I used my Give a Hoot cartridge and made these lovely signs.  I laminated them and hot glued them to the wall above my trash can and paper recycle box. 
 This is the inside of my door now.  It was SUPER boring with just the ribbon around the window.  My fellow math teacher had hers labeled with MATH like mine and so the whole 6th grade team decided to do it too.  Hence the redecoration. :)  The papers are the SWARM expectations for the common areas in the school.
Here is my construction paper nicely organized and pretty. It keeps the kids from throwing paper everywhere in the midst of looking for a particular color.
Last but not least, this isn't my classroom, but I wanted to brag that I went and got myself pampered at the nail salon this morning with my mom.  I told the Mr I was going to get my toes done and he told me to go ahead and get my nails done too!  I was soooo thrilled!  (the ring is my promise ring, not engaged yet...)

Well I am going to go back to watching Step Up with my man and relaxing on my 3-day weekend.  woo hoo :)


  1. Lucky girl! I would love to get a pedi. I'm too hard on my nails for a mani, but yours looks lovely!

    I LOVE your idea for storing paper. I may have to think about using that for indoor recess days when the kids actually have time to do something crafty and fun.

    Thanks so much for linking up!

    Peacocks & Penguins

  2. Dang girl, that's one nice promise ring! It's so gorg!!!


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